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Sunday, 24 July 2011


**** Note: to enter the drags you do NOT need to be a PCQ member ****

**** Note: Motorkhana entrants - CTP Extension required for QLD registered vehicles ****


Do you own a 928, Cayenne or Panamera or does any of your family or friends drive an Aussie or American Muscle Car, European Exotic, Hot Rice Burner or even something British. (we will have a mechanic on site)

They are all welcome at our DRAG DAY at Willowbank on Sunday 24th July.

You don't have drive a Porsche or even be a member of the Porsche Club to enter.

See how quick one of Porsches mighty V8's can get down the Quarter Mile.

A Turbo Cayenne will do the quarter mile in the 13's. Not bad for a 2 ½ ton off-roader.

A Panamera Turbo 11.7 seconds. That would put most, if not all 911's to shame.

No corners to negotiate.
No need for good brakes. Just horse power.
No special car requirements. Just a road worthy vehicle.
No special competition license required. you only have to be over 18 and currently or previously held a civil drivers license.

All you need is a helmet, long pants, long sleeved shirt and enclosed shoes.

Plenty of runs guaranteed.

Entry Fee only $65.

An ideal opportunity to do your first motorsport event with the club.

If you are a Club Member you will be eligible for points as it is Round 6 in the 2011 Motorsport Competition.


And if you think you CAN go around corners - enter the MOTORKHANA which is Round 7 of the Motorsport Competition..(Run at Willowbank on the same day.)

Do the motorkhana tests between runs down the drag strip.

Low speed safe competition

Details of the the Tests will be published before the event.(no need to take the Panadol)

CAMS license required (need to be a club member) available on the day for L2NS $57

Again competition points will be awarded to club members. Round 7.

Entry Fee only $45.


Enter both for $100

Enter on line – its easy even our Bill Black has mastered it.

Or contact James Austin for more details.

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